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Service for foreign patients

Dr Phillipe Roure has partnered with specialized compagny in the organization and full surgical follow through of medical needs for foreign patients, concerning hand, elbow, shoulder, clavicle and full arm surgery.

Service for foreign patients and embassies
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This service has been organized to ensure the full administrative and surgical needs of foreign patients : travel details, administrative documents, and the medical staff to ensure the best medical service available.

  • Rapid appointment availability , confirmed within days of request
  • Secretarial staff dedicated to the organization and follow through of your administrative needs (certificates, medical reports)
  • Translators
  • A personal contact dedicated and available to help you during your stay
  • Possibility to organize travel, housing for the patient as well as all family members

All operations will be performed by Dr Philippe ROURE

All post-op and physical therapy will be performed by the staff of Dr Philippe ROURE , which consists of highly trained professionals in their specialties and collaborate on a continual basis with Dr ROURE.

Should their be any additional medical or surgical needs arising during your stay, Dr Roure can provide a full list of MD specialists and surgeons in Paris that are available to assist you.

All surgeries are performed at the Clinique du sport Paris 5, a highly specialised clinic in paris for orthopedic and sport surgery.

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