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Surgeries performed by Dr Roure

Our understanding of shoulder injuries and the options available to treat them have made enormous progress over the past 15 years, thanks to imaging techniques such as MRI and arthrography, and the development of new arthroscopic surgery techniques.

Acromio-clavicular arthrosisFracture of the clavicleLuxation of the shoulderRupture of the rotator cuff tendonsSub-acromial conflictTendinopathy of the rotator cuff
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The consultations take place at Vauban Medical Center (2A, Avenue de SĂ©gur, 75007 Paris) on Tuesday and Friday, and at Clinique du Sport (36, Boulevard Saint Marcel, 75005 Paris) on Mondays and Fridays.

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Espace MĂ©dical Vauban (Virginie) : (+33) 1 53 59 88 09 09

Clinique du Sport (Paula) : (+33) 1 86 86 75 05 09

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