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Wrist surgery

Many patients complain of chronic wrist pain or following a trauma such as a wrist fracture, with no precise diagnosis other than "sprain" and which nevertheless leads to a strong limitation in physical sports, leisure and professional activities, as well as pain.

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The development in recent years of imaging systems such as the arthroscanner or MRI has made it possible to refine the diagnoses concerning wrist injuries and to be able most of the time to identify the cause of these pains.

New surgical technologies at the service of wrist surgery

New micro-invasive surgical techniques such as endoscopy, that is to say the introduction into the wrist joint of a miniaturized optical system as well as miniaturized instruments, has also allowed a clear advance in the understanding of these painful phenomena. , and made it possible to provide answers.

Indeed, these minimally invasive surgical techniques make it possible to repair a certain number of lesions which were not previously accessible to conventional surgery, while allowing optimized recovery times.

Wrist surgeries performed by Dr. Roure: