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Hand, shoulder and elbow surgery consultation in Paris 7th arrondissement

Hand, elbow and shoulder surgery consultation

Consultations take place mainly at the Espace Médical Vauban. Located in Paris (7th arrondissement), opposite the Dôme des Invalides, this clinic is used by doctors and surgeons specialising in the treatment of pathologies linked to sport and osteoarthritis.

Consultation procedure

During the consultation, I undertake an expert examination of your hand or upper limb medical problem, possibly using additional techniques (x-ray, CAT scan, MRI, etc.) and together we will determine your personal objectives and requirements.

We will then consider the different treatment options, and for each one I will explain the advantages, disadvantages and potential risks. Next we choose the solution best suited to your case and your expectations.

You will also be given a detailed quotation for the cost of the procedure to pass on to your health insurance body or insurance company, for full or partial cover depending on your policy.

You will, of course, have the option of calling me back or returning for additional consultations for further explanations. After your procedure, I will also see you again for consultations until you arefully recovered or your condition has stabilised.

Procedure for an orthopedic surgery consultation with Dr Philippe Roure in his office in Paris 7th arrondissement

The Espace Médical Vauban in Paris

Created in 2006, the Espace Médical Vauban is a consultation centre dedicated to Sports Medicine and Surgery and osteoarthritis treatment.

The practitioners who make up the medical and surgical team arespecialists in the musculoskeletal system, and have long been recognised for their involvement in the treatment of high-performance athletes.

The centre is located at the corner of Place Vauban and Avenue de Ségur, opposite the Dôme des Invalides, and is easily accessible by public transport. Parking is also available in the surrounding streets.

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CHP Montgardé

I am also a member of the Val de Seine Emergency Hand Department at CHP Montgardé in Yvelines. This unit specialises in upper limb surgery, dealing in particular with hand emergencies, and is approved by the European Federation of Emergency Hand Services ( FESUM). Hand emergencies are dealt with 24 hours a day by an emergency doctor and surgery is undertaken by one of the team's surgeons, specialising in hand surgery and microsurgery.

I provide consultations and perform surgical procedures there onWednesdays and some Mondays, and the operating theatre allows me to perform all upper limb procedures, including shoulder and elbow procedures.

My assistants Christelle, Julie, Sabah and Sylvie and our nurse Manon will be there to welcome you and provide you with information, including when I am not present on site. My colleagues, Doctors Abadie, Barbato, Beauthier, Ghafanzari and Werther, can treat you in the event of an urgent problem in my absence.


UMVS - CHP Montgardé
32, rue du Montgardé - 78410 Aubergenville
01 30 95 12 20

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